Best Mobile Recharge Sites In India 2016 And Beyond

Top Mobile Recharge Sites

This is my first update on SmartAndFoolish. My intention is to give you quality information, so that you know what to do when you need something. (In this case it’s about mobile recharge sites)

What made you come here? If you were looking for the best recharge sites in India, you’ll actually get confused by the sheer number of portals that are available today. So I’ve made a complete list of the best and unique recharge sites.

There are advantages of using various sites for different reasons. Take a look and enjoy.

What you’ll get out of this:

  1. Best sites to do recharge without any problem
  2. Brand sites and exclusive offers
  3. Things to note

Here you go:

1. Best Sites to do your recharge from without any problem

As mentioned earlier, there are many sites that provide you with this recharge facility. People have gradually moved from doing coupon recharge in the earlier days to online recharge.

This is a clear sign that people want convenience. Also the younger generation today has more disposable income than ever. Which inturn has led to the increase in the usage of smartphones, which has facilitated the growth of recharge websites and brands.

I have been using various sites to do my mobile recharge. Based on my experience, have handpicked some of the best mobile recharge sites that are doing good. You should also note, these recharge sites provide various promotions to attract customers.

And this makes it more exciting for people in today’s age to compare various recharge sites and go with the one that provides value for your money.

A. Paytm
Many of you would be aware of this site for they have promotions like cashbacks every month. But you’ll have to keep checking their site to see if you are getting any cashback offers. They are India’s biggest wallet service, so it becomes easy for people to stick to them.

Buying clothes to recharge to traveling in a Uber taxi became easy with paytm wallet. A big thanks to the team.


A first of its kind portal in India which provides you with brand coupons for doing mobile recharge through their website.

Am sure you would have used their service atleast once to get some discount coupons of other brands like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s etc.

The only disadvantage is that, when you actually go to a brand outlet and realize you don’t have the physical coupon that you got when you did your mobile recharge. Make sure you either carry your coupons always or opt for ecoupons where you could use for some online purchase.


Just me too recharge site. But if you are interested in creating an account with them and see how good they are.The site is not user friendly.

One of my favorite recharge sites when it comes to saving some extra money. This is the only website that gives you a straight discount of 2% on your recharge amount. Earlier they used to give 10% but gradually kept reducing it.

If you are a person who loves to get coupons and use it, then you can avail all their partner coupons for just Rs.5/- (Am bad with coupons and I tend to forget it. I usually opt out of the partner coupons)

Tip – Make sure you are using the ‘payu’ as your mode of payment to avail this 2% discount offer.

Note: This website does not exist on any social media channels (if there are any problems) and there are many complaints against them (people loosing hundreds and thousands). You should not use this site for your recharge going forward.

This is a site which caters to online recharge and also bus booking. Hope they have followed the industry leader ‘Paytm’. I remember Paytm has in the recent past enabled bus booking via their portal. Remember those ‘buy tickets worth more than Rs.300/- and get Rs.200/- in cashback’? (We’ll see cashbacks in a different post)

Tip – Always look for any discount coupons or if they are runnning any promo code so you could save some extra money.


Similar to but they lack the user friendly interface. Recently they have started to give brand partner coupons similar to

Tip – Want 2% discount? Select ‘PayU’ as your payment method.


This definitely is not in the top sites but just in the online recharge industry. When it comes to usability they have to improve a lot. If you are a person who loves trying new services, you can give this a try.


They too are in the same league like Paytm just that they are a distant number 2 (My guess). You can sign up with them and activate your wallet.

You can add money to your wallet and do your online recharge or pay your post paid bills. They also give cashback offers but you have to keep an eye on for such offers.

2. Brand Sites & Exclusive Offers (Based on your telecom operator)

This is self explanatory. If you prefer using your telecom provider’s website to do your recharge, you’ll get exclusive offers that will be applicable only to your mobile number.

Here’s the screenshot that shows exclusive offer for my mobile number. Look at the top 2 results.
Tata Docomo Personalized Offer

3.Thing To Note

With numerous sites coming up, there’s a chance you’ll get confused. Why do I say this? Just Google for “online recharge sites” and see the results on your right side.
Google Search For Mobile Recharge

You can see a site named, but when you go to the site to do your recharge, the recharge denominations and various plans are not available. That’s the reason you should not rely on these sites even though they try to reach you through Google Ads.

With more options, the customer will definitely get confused. There will also be sites that will try to con you if you are not aware. So be informed and decide if you want to be smart or foolish.

If you have anything else to add to this, do add it in the comments.

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