Confused With Too Many Recharge Plans? Here’s The Best Value Recharge Plan For Tata Docomo

Value recharge for Tata Docomo in Karnataka

Often times you get to see numerous plans for doing a recharge. There are so many recharge plans just to make sure that the customer gets confused and goes for a bad plan (thinking what they choose is the best plan).

Are the telecom players successful? Yes, that’s why there are multiple plans for SMS, 2G, 3G and now 4G. Do you want to know which plan will be the best based on your usage? Just follow the post.

I have taken prepaid Tata Docomo (Karnataka) for this post. Let’s say you have a decent usage pattern like most of it being voice calls. It doesn’t make sense to do a full talktime recharge. Because you would finish your core balance well before the 30 days period as the cost per minute of voice calling has gone up.

It is mandatory for the telecom players to give value to its customers, and there is TRAI who enforces certain policies. That’s why they have the ‘value plans’ hidden with hundred other plans/offers.

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So don’t get lured by the full talktime offers.

This is a trick that all the telecom players play with you as their customer. Here’s the proof.

Docomo 97 plan is deliberately omitted from the official site of Tata Docomo
Rs.97/- plan missing from their official site (these data were collected on the same day)! But you get to see it in the Paytm website, check below:

Rs.97 plan is shown on Paytm Recharge platform

Best Value Plans:
There are 2-3 plans that would help people who prefer voice calling over any other plan. Remember this is for Docomo (Karnataka), you should be sticking to Rs.97/- plan which would offer you 15000 secs of local and STD mobile seconds, which is equivalent to 250 mins for a validity period of 21 days.

There is another plan for 30 days, where a recharge of Rs.199/- will provide you with 550 mins of local and STD mins which is much more valuable for the money.

Then there is Rs.247/- plan which gives you 2000 mins for local on-net calls and 500 mins for local off-net calls and STD calls.

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Rs.97/- = 15000 secs of local and STD, valid for 21 days.
Rs.199/- = 550 mins of local and STD, valid for 30 days.
Rs.247/- = 2000 mins of local on-net calls + 500 mins for local off-net/STD calls.

I had suggested Rs.199/- plan for many of my friends and now they are saving huge money on every recharge.

Being aware of what’s happening around you and having an eye for detail will help you uncover more truth in every aspect of life.

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