Get 10% Discount On Paytm Recharge (Mobile + DTH)

Paytm Discount

Do you want 10%+ discount on every recharge? Yes, there are ways to get it through Paytm. This holds good for both your mobile recharge and your DTH recharge.

As a result of the ecommerce growth, we get to enjoy the benefits. Which would not have happened without many players like Paytm, Freecharge etc. This discount applies for now but will you be able to get it forever? Only time will answer that.

But for now, we are looking at getting any discounts possible. What you need to do right now is this:

Go register in a cashback site like and search for the category recharge. You’ll get all available ecommerce players like Paytm, Freecharge.

Select Paytm, and click on the link which says 5.22% cashback (this cashback will be added to your Pennyful account and can be en-cashed later via your bank). You’ll be redirected to Paytm site, recharge normally as you would do.

Check this link where it says 5.22% cashback (also note that the cashback percentage will keep changing) – Recharge & Top Up from Pennyful

Now most people tend to forget to use the coupon code that’s available for extra cashback which Paytm gives. Search for that particular voucher code/discount code and use it before doing your recharge.

You can check for the offer codes here from time to time:- Paytm Offers Page

Paytm Code
Now you’ll get 5% cashback from Paytm, which will be added to your Paytm wallet in a matter of 1 hour and the remaining 5.22% will be given by Pennyful after 3 days.

Total savings/cashback for Rs.200/- will be Rs.20.44/- (Rs.10 will be added to your Paytm wallet and Rs.10.44 will be available in your Pennyful account for withdrawal)

This is how you take advantage of cashbacks and save some extra money. This applies for all your online shopping.

Cashback Earned
Conclusion: Though the amount doesn’t seem much at the beginning, but at the year end if you would have saved hundreds of rupees. You can also take up the responsibility of doing recharge for your parents and get money for the same from them. You’ll get more benefits as cashback!

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