Reasons why I follow choose yourself altucher and you should too

Amazing people to follow

But why James Altucher? Because I’ve been following him for the past 2 years. The stuff he writes is just awesome. He’s also most famous for his ever green book ‘choose yourself’. Where he talks about reinventing yourself from your current situation. Just search for choose yourself altucher on google to get an idea and look at the reviews the book is getting.

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  1. Writes in a simple and an effective way
  2. Talks about his life without any inhibitions
  3. He does AMA’s on Twitter every week Thursday (You can ask him literally anything, ANYTHING. I’ve been a part of this AMA’s couple of times, he’s also following me on Twitter)
  4. He talks about idea machine (coming up with 10 ideas everyday and this will help you with your ideasex in the future. Ideasex is simple fusion of different ideas)
  5. He writes over a million words a year!! Do you read a million words a year? I doubt
  6. He does couple of podcasts: A) The James Altucher Show B) Ask Altucher
  7. He’s made millions, lost millions (many times). This is another reason to follow him. Magics do happen in life if you believe in them, also he has focused on these 4 areas in life, that he insists everyone to follow (physical, emotional, spiritual and financial)
  8. You’ll get to learn many things from him like: being consistent, being a good human being and many more
  9. New York Times best selling author. He’s written more than 3 books (Choose Yourself, The Power of No, Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth, The Rich Employee – Releasing on 01st September, 2015)
  10. He tells you about all the myths related to credit card scams, housing loan scam, education loan scams…. These are just a few. But there are more than 100 reasons why you need to follow him today!!

You should follow James Altucher On Twitter, Quora and last but not the least on his popular blog


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